Greer's Boardroom & Mezzanine Area

We have a separate room that's ideal for meetings or for use as a private dining room.  The Greer's Boardroom comfortably seats 8-12 people and is a great facility for those important meetings that are best held 'off-site' - and of course you can have great food, beer and wine, all delivered to your Boardroom table while you get down to business.

In addition to the Greer's Boardroom we also have a Mezzanine Area that can seat around 30 people for a social function.  This can be reserved as your 'exclusive use' area and we will arrange tables and chairs to suit your requirements.

Please contact us or give us a call on 07 577 0130 if you'd like to book the Greer's Boardroom for your Business or Club meeting - or if you'd like to reserve the Mezzanine Area for your social function.

It's easy to make an INSTANT Online Reservation at Greers.

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